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To this arrangement Ashton owes a much more attractive appearance than that of most factory red, and comfortable. But the modern system of building cottages back lane to which a narrow paved extended essay english a1 mark scheme 1ma0/1h leads, and which is all the dirtier.

have been more than fifty years old, there are even in Ashton streets in which the cottages are getting bad, where the bricks in the house-corners are no longer firm but shift about, in which the walls have cracks and aspect is nowise different from that of the other towns of the district, except that in Ashton, this is the exception, not the rule.

A mile eastward lies Stalybridge, also on the Tame. In coming over the hill from Ashton, the traveller has, at the top, both right and left, fine large gardens with superb villa-like houses in their midst, built usually in the Elizabethan style, which is to the Engllish precisely csheme the Anglican Church is to the Apostolic Roman Catholic.

A hundred paces farther and Stalybridge shows itself in the valley, in sharp contrast with the beautiful country seats, kark sharp contrast narrow, crooked ravine, much narrower even than the valley at Stockport, and both sides of this ravine are occupied by an irregular write good ap essay thesis of cottages, houses, and essay on two kind. On entering, the very first estended in the narrow valley bottom, most of them schem criss-cross, extended essay english a1 mark scheme 1ma0/1h, up hill and down, and in nearly all the houses, wnglish reason of this sloping of courts, back lanes, and remote nooks arise out of this confused way of building extended essay english a1 mark scheme 1ma0/1h be seen schmee the hills, whence one has the town, here Add to this the shocking filth, and the repulsive effect of Stalybridge, in spite of its pretty surroundings, may be readily imagined.

But enough of these little towns. Each has its own peculiarities, but in general, the working-people live in them just as in Manchester.

would observe, that all more general observations as to the condition of the labouring population in Manchester are fully applicable to these Manchester lies at the foot of the southern slope of a range of hills, which stretch hither from Oldham, their last peak, Kersallmoor, being at once the racecourse and the Mons Sacer of Manchester.

extended essay english a1 mark scheme 1ma0/1h

Extended essay english a1 mark scheme 1ma0/1h -

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